Wood burning pellet stoves – warmth, style and colour for your home

Wood burning pellet stoves are the next generation of biomass heating appliances. Very low emissions, low running costs, high performance and a range of styles and colours make them the most stylish way to provide sustainable heat and hot water for your home.

Why choose a pellet stove?
Wood pellets are a sustainable energy source as well as being cost-effective. Pellet stoves are easy to operate, maintain and keep clean and fuel can be purchased in easy to handle 10kg bags so there’s no need to store large quantities.

On-demand heat and the facility for remote operation make pellet stoves a very economical and convenient way to manage your heating, whether you are at home or away.

Cola Stoves – beautifully designed, technologically advanced
Italian-made Cola Stoves combine innovation with functionality and attractive design. They come in a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs  made from steel, ceramics, majolica and glass. Browse our range to find out which kind of pellet stove is best for your requirements.

Pellet Stoves – also known as air stoves, these provide just heat. They can be used to heat just one room or several rooms using a ductable model.

Pellet Heating Stoves – also known as hydro stoves, these provide both heat and hot water for the whole property.

Pellet Boilers – a pellet boiler does the same job as a central heating boiler and can provide both heat and hot water; it can also power modern underfloor heating.

Removable Pellet Inserts – these are designed for installation into masonry fireplaces to provide a fuel-efficient, clean and manageable alternative to a real fire.