About us

Cola Stoves

From its origins in 1963 as a metalworking company for the construction of heating systems, Italian company Cola is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of energy efficient pellet stoves and boilers.

Cola had the vision to recognise the potential of wood as a fuel and developed the idea of transforming the stove from a simple heat source into an object of beauty and decoration. Following the invention in the USA in 1973 of wood pellets as an environmentally-friendly alternative fuel for industry, it became clear that pellets could be used for boilers and stoves for private homes. As a result, Cola worked to develop specific products in the field of pellets, eventually creating and patenting a brazier/brazier holder combustion system. This ensures perfect combustion, reduced residual ash and low dust emissions and flue gases, and this is still amongst the safest and most effective systems on the market today.

By combining functionality, performance, energy efficiency and attractive design, Cola has created an extensive range of stylish heating appliances that make a desirable focal point for any room whilst delivering warmth and comfort all year round.