Pellet Boilers

A pellet boiler does the same job as a central heating boiler and can provide both heat and hot water; it can even power modern underfloor heating. Extremely low emissions, high performance and easy maintenance make it the eco-friendly choice for a sustainable source of heat and hot water for larger properties.

Cola Stoves pellet boilers are compact and stylish and come in a range of outputs from 17kW to 39kW. They don’t require a lot of cleaning or maintenance – just load the pellets and periodically empty the ash. They can incorporate a large 250kg fuel hopper on the side that automatically tops up the furnace whenever necessary and auto ignites when requested.


  • Large ash pan
  • Peephole in fire door for viewing the flame
  • Door handle recessed flush with front panel
  • Thermal insulation of the panels reduces heat loss and keeps the inner surfaces at a low temperature
  • Integrated base and thick metal sheet makes the boiler sturdy and stable
  • Low emissions obtained through optimum setting of combustion and the inclusion of vermiculite panels
  • Combustion chamber is totally insulated externally in the upper (hottest) zone
  • Two inspection doors with closure adjustment brackets
  • Lower and upper manifolds can be inspected by means of side and middle caps and the removable head
  • Turbulators increase efficiency by slowing the speed of the combustion fumes

Safety features:

  • Front completed wetted by water to avoid excessive stress between the combustion zones and the wall in contact with the air
  • Over-pressure safety valve on ash door
Domusfire HR Brochure
Domusfire HR C17-C24 Manual
Domusfire HR C29-C35-C39 Manual


Domusfire HR C17 Domusfire HR C24 Domusfire HR C29 Domusfire HR C35 Domusfire HR C39
Size mm: (H x W x D) 1300 x 580 x 698 1300 x 580 x 698 1300 x 700 x 698 1300 x 700 x 698 1300 x 700 x 698
Weight kg: 230 230 272 272 275
Heat output to water kW: 16.2 22.4 27.4 27.4 32.4
Max efficiency %: 95.68 94.54 94.45 94.45 94.18
Hopper capacity kg: 48 48 68 68 68
Fuel/hourly consumption kg/h: 3.5-0.91 4.8-0.91 6.0-1.32 6.0-1.32 7.1-1.32
Heatable volume m³*: 440 600 740 740 880
Water heating capacity chamber lt: 25 25 30 30 30
*Depending on the insulation of the home and calculated on 35W/m²