Pellet Hydro Stoves


A pellet hydro stove can provide heating and hot water to the whole house whilst still providing a stylish and welcoming focal point for the room in which it is located.

Pellet hydro stoves are powered by an electrical point and pellets are fed in automatically from the hopper. Refuelling is quick and easy and, depending on use, would generally be required once a day. Pellets produce very little ash so the convenient pull-out ash pan only needs empting occasionally and an annual service keeps in it optimum working order. A hydro stove is suitable for small to medium sized houses and can be used either with or without an additional boiler. The existing or new heating system for the property must be compatible with or adapted to accommodate the hydro stove, but as MCS approved models are eligible for RHI this brings a return on the investment and offsets the cost of installation.


  • Cast iron brazier
  • Fire door with cast iron frame and self-cleaning panoramic ceramic glass
  • Ample glass area for better visibility of flame
  • Pull-out ash pan for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable feet on bottom of stove to allow for installation on uneven floors
  • Automatic lighting and shutdown by weekly chronothermostat function with up to 4 lightings/shutdowns per day
  • Management in up to four languages
  • Automatic brazier cleaning to keep combustion constant and maintenance low
  • Alarm diagnostics and easy service
  • Large heat exchanger area on the heating chamber
  • Possibility of cable connection to thermostat/external chronothermostat
  • Possibility of combustion air intake from the outside
  • Unit for DHW production with storage (optional on Termo Power & Termo Power Lux models)
  • Heating water circuit comprising: circulating pump with non-return valve with union; 3 bar safety valve; pressure transducer; system drain cock; membrane expansion tank and heating water delivery & return connections
  • Group B DHW circuit for external boiler comprising: circulating pump with non-return valve with union; heating water circuit connection pipes; delivery & return connections for boiler coil (optional, excluding Termo Max model)
  • Telephone connection via GSM module (optional)

Safety features:

  • Over-pressure valve incorporated in the cast iron upper exchanger
  • Over-temperature safety thermostat
  • Pellet hopper and low pressure gauge to ensure safe stove operation