Termo Plus 23

Powder emissions:
mg/m3 <16
Heat output:
kW 23.3
Heatable volume:
m3 574

Hydro stove in varnished steel; fire door with peephole; manual cleaning system exchangers; circulation pump and expansion vessel supplied; possibility to connect to a puffer; summer/winter mode; darwin/utility to remote-control; possible additional pellet tank. Available in white only.




Body:  Steel and cast iron

Combustion chamber:  Steel

Heat input: kW25.5

Nominal heat output: kW23.3 - 5.8

Heat output to air: kW3.2 - 1.2

Heat output to water: kW20.1 - 4.6

Fuel hourly consumption: Kg/h5.24 - 1.22

CO emissions: %<0.015

Fume exhaust temperature: °C<140

Efficiency at hnom: %>91

Flue draught: Pa10 - 14

Fume exhaust diameter: mm80

Air inlet diameter: mm50

Electricity supply:  230 v 50 hZ

Electrical consumption: W440 START - 81

Hopper capacity: Kg40

Heating chamber capacity: lt23

Weight: Kg175

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